Our morning after our large evening out at Cardiff we rose surprising early for a refreshing shower and to embark on our new day of adventures.

As you may be aware by now I am a bit of a fan of a BBC UK TV series called Gavin and Stacey. It only ran for 3 seasons and was based around the relationships and wedding of a young geezer from Essex named Gavin and a small blond woman, who had previously been engaged 5 time, Stacey who is from Barri in Wales. The TV series has you in stitches with Uncle Bryn (pronounced Brin), Gavin’s/Gavla’s best mate Smithy and Stacey’s partner in crime Nessa. The TV series is the brain child of Smithy and Nessa. They wrote, directed and acted in the series.

Anyway today was the day I was going to Barri and “Barri Island”. (Barri Island is a side area of Barri that is like a bit of a fun park on the beach).

We set off from Cardiff in our sexy Vauxhall Corsa. It took a whole 25 minutes to arrive and another 25 minutes to go round in circles to make it to the parking area. Although the signs are in English as well as Welsh it is still confusing.

Barri has all the houses in a tidy row with doors on the footpath, no front yard and pointy roofs. They are nearly all a red coloured brick with no racking out. Some have been rendered and painted white. On the top of the hill is were the larger homes are which have yards and perfect views of the ocean. Behind these homes are clubs that are sheds with attractive people hanging out the front.

Barri is where the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard was born and raised for a wee while. From memory her family relocated to Australia after Julia had a chest infection and she needed to move to a drier climate, the doctor prescribed Australia. (Did you know if Finland the doctors prescribe cultural remedies. You may be sick and run down and they give you tickets to a show to make you feel happier and better. It is statically proving to work).

Just before you turn into the car park at Barri Island there is road called non other then Clive Road.

We wandered to the theme parked area, I filmed some of it and the ice cream/takeaway store than Stacey works at for a bit. I also filmed the pavilion where the season ends and a bit of the beach where Uncle Bryn does his Iron Man impersonation.

The beach was one of the nicer ones I have seen since being in the UK.

I do still chuckle at the wind/privacy screens everyone pops up around them. Another thing I have noticed which I don’t think I have mentioned is that Brits have no clue about sun cancer. Clive and I have to actively search for sunscreen in shops, it is also expensive. They still sell tanning oils. Australia has some but they actual have SPF 30 in them. Brits have no qualms about lazying around in the sun for a few hours getting burnt. The also sell tanning tablets here too. I am guessing they are packed with carotene. I am just shocked about it all. I did hear and interesting article on the radio saying that more Brits die of sun caner each year then Australians now. This is due to no sun awareness. Aussie Cancer council have definitely succeeded. Brits should bring in No hat, No play.

Clive and I lulled around on the grass for a while until a boy decided to feed the seagulls right next to us. Seriously these gull are actually twice the size of the ones in Australia. They are a little scary.

We wandered back to the car and the tide was coming in. We were parked next to the bay area and the tide goes out so far the boat just sit on the sand lop sided until the tide comes back.

We then drove to ANOTHER McDonalds (we should get paid to review all of these) and used the internet for a while and decided to head to Bath, England.