We arrived at lovely Cardiff after a manic dash. I thought it was a lovely drive and it is also fun reading all the road signs in welsh.

We stayed at a Sleeperz  which was nice and clean. There was a group of men in the lobby drinking and I thought oh look a bucks.

We ran down to the Walkabout bar which was about 100m and they flicked over the TV after asking a few times. The girl behind the bar didn’t really care. We watched it on the massive wall screen they had and once Clive was feeling happy we went out for dinner. We went to Nandos.

Nandos in the UK is very different to the ones in Australia. Here it is a bit more than a burger shop. It is a trendy casual eatery. Now since I have been here I keep eating spicy food and putting myself through pain. You would think I would learn my lesson and stop doing it. Nope, I order the mushroom burger with extra spicy chicken and a lovely mango sauce. We also ordered a jug of Sangria so I thought I could cool down with that.

The lovely waitress comes over an lets us know they are out of fruit so she can’t make the Sangria but we could have a bottle of wine at the same price. I must say the wine, a Rose’, went down VERY quickly.

By the time we finished our tasty dinner were we slightly inebriated and decided to keep it that way. We wandered the main corso and saw another bucks party and another and another. We noticed they were EVERYWHERE and there were hens parties everywhere too. All dressed up and some getting very trashy and it was only 9pm. I have never seen so many hens and bucks in the one location. For those who have seen Gavin and Stacey it is in Cardiff where they have their “Stags” and “Hen’s”. Hilarious.

So we ended up back at the Walkabout Bar since I had a 20% off on drinks until midnight coupon and we had a few other drinks. Clive discovered that they had shots for 1 pound and we danced the night away. Well until about 12am then we were worn out and ready for bed.

When we headed back we chatted with the grave yard shift staff at the accommodation and had a Corona whilst discussing the quirks of Roald Dahl and Cardiff Bay.

All in all I can say Cardiff was fun and would be great to go back to watch a match at the Millennium Stadium.

Next stop Barri the home of Gavin and Stacey and Julia Gillard.

Bridge to Wales

Bridge to Wales

If you watch Gavin and Stacey this is the bridge that has a Toll and Smithy always complains about it. The charge you to get into Wales but not to get out.