We took our time and drove back down through amazing Scotland to Edinburgh to stay for a night and we were dropping off our hire car and actually grabbing another one. The original plan was to head back to Edinburgh and off to Ireland for the 5-6 days until we were due at the The Larmer Tree Festival we already had tickets for. At this time it was cheapest to fly into Belfast. That seems fine and ideal except it was Marching Season and the riots were appearing on the news so we looked at flying into Dublin and the prices were HUGE and so was the ferry. So we thought Ireland would have to wait for another day. (On a side note I applied for a job at the BBC and the had a general application form and if the role was in Northern Ireland it asked what religion I was if I was Protestant or Roman Catholic)

We booked a room through Expedia since it seems to get the better deals. When we arrived it was located near Murrayfield Stadium and a few pubs. It appeared ok, well it was but strangely it was the handicapped room. I mean strangely because the layout just didn’t function. It had a double bed with a single jammed into the room and a dresser with clapped out TV. The bathroom was wheelchair accessible however if you were in a wheelchair you would be able to wheel into the room directly into the shower and that would be it. We were meant to have wifi. Clive had to go outside of the room for it to work and there was a large cowboy statue in the hallway.

Luckily we were so tired we didn’t have the kiwi spirit to complain. After a hot shower, an Absolut Pear Vodka (only 13pounds a bottle at the supermarket) we felt like collapsing but fought to stay awake. We decided to get something for dinner. The place we stayed at offered meals in their “restaurant” but I don’t know how great a meal would be in the “restaurant” that also stores their linen for the rooms on the same table they sit and serve you at.

We wandered along the road and checked out a few different places and decided to get some indian food as we hadn’t had any since we had been to the UK even though it is everywhere.

They had a few different meal deals and I pointed this out to boofhead and he was all for a meal for 2. I re-read what was in the package and could see it could be quite a lot. I tried to tell Clive it was a bit too much but he was already ordering the meal for 2 deal, Clive is the biggest sucker for a “deal”. We paid our 25 quid and waited. They cooked all the food in front of us and packaged it up and then they were packaging up another order, or thats what we thought. We ended up with 2 curries, rice, biggest naan I have ever seen, a spicy potato dish, vegetable dish, money bags, chicken kebabs, samosa, and 2 dessert dishes. We hauled our food back to our room and ate and ate and ate. We just couldn’t do it!….The food was saved for a tasty breakfast and lunch the next day.

The next day we checked out and dropped the car off at the Edinburgh Airport (which is extremely easy to get around in and has free wifi). We then picked up our next car from Thrifty.

And off we set for Newcastle, via Detchant.