We awoke early and ate some of the jam and bread we have been carting around for awhile. It was still very tasty. I was very excited about today as we were going to the Beatles Story, the museum about the life and music of the band. The other things on the agenda for today were seeing the Liverpool Tate and I had to find a pub that was showing the Rugby final the next morning. Both the gallery and the museum are at Albert Pier on the water which was about a 15 minute walk through the heart of Liverpool. This was quite a pleasant walk which took a lot longer then this because I bought a shirt and Neat was looking for an outfit for the music festival we were going to the next week. We eventually found the water and some bizarre buildings. The Museum they are building on the water looks amazing, very modern and weird. Behind it though is a huge ugly black building. The Liverpool skyline is bizarre, old cathedrals and buildings next to modern, weird skyscrapers. We found the Tate first so we wandered in. They had a sculpture exhibition on curated by several different people. http://www.tate.org.uk/liverpool/exhibitions/thisissculpture/default.shtm Downstairs the first thing you see is a gigantic table and chairs http://www.tate.org.uk/liverpool/exhibitions/artistroomsroberttherrien/default.shtm The Tate Liverpool is far smaller then the modern in London though we still spent a long time wandering around. A lot of the exhibits they had installed in public places first and filmed peoples reactions to them. They had these videos playing everywhere and some of the reactions were better then the work themselves. Unfortunately when we were there one of the rooms was being reorganised so we couldn’t see everything. Also they had http://www.tate.org.uk/liverpool/exhibitions/renemagritte/default.shtm which we didn’t see at the time but planned to see tomorrow as it was quite expensive to get in and neither of us had any money on us. This was a huge mistake as of course we didn’t go back the next day and I regret it immensely. Hopefully in the next few weeks we can go back. After the Tate we walked the short distance along the pier to the Beatles story. We found out there are actually two sites, the main one and a separate one back along the waterfront which has a john Lennon show on and a 4D Beatles experience. The admission included both which was good and was valid for 48 hours. We had just bought our tickets and taken two steps into the museum when the fire alarm went off and the whole place was evacuated. The flustered staff showed everyone out and we stood and watched for a while as the fire engine came. It didn’t look to serious so we made the decision to go to the other site and come back to the main one later in the day. The alternate site had an exhibition of stuff donated by Julian and Cynthia. It was called the white feather as John had always told Julian that if he died Julian would know he was still with him by the presence of a white feather. Not long after John died an Aboriginal tribal elder out of the blue presented him with a white feather. The show had video interviews with both Julian and Cynthia as well as postcards, guitars and photos of John’s life. There was also a video of Julian explaining how Paul McCartney wrote Hey Jude for him on the way over to comfort him after John left Cynthia for Yoko. Apparently John always thought it was for him but Paul told Julian 20 years later that it was a song for him. The 4D experience was fun too though tailored for a younger crowd. It was an animation and the seats moved around when the show went underwater a jet of water from the seat in front sprayed everyone in the face. This went for about 15 minutes and was accompanied by all the great songs. When this finished we made our way back over to the main museum for take 2. The Beatles story really is incredibly detailed. All the band’s whole life stories are told. There are photos of everything and John Lennon’s sister narrates the audio guide. There are heaps of different rooms with models and re-enactment of key points in their career. There were interviews from everyone who was close to them as well. There is even a full scale replica of the Cavern which was used in the filming of the Free Bird film clip. IT is pretty damn amazing. You walk through and there are huge sets of each album they produced, a giant yellow submarine to walk through and all sorts of props and sets to look at. At the end there are four different sections talking about what each member did after the break up. If you are a Beatles fan this is definitely something you should not miss. After the museum we walked to the actual Cavern where the Beatles played 290 odd shows. We were told the Beatles had been so popular there that when the first CD came out no one in Liverpool bought it because they didn’t want the Beatles to leave. There was only one thing I now needed to check. We walked to the Walkabout pub which was near lots of other pubs and clubs and I asked them if they were showing the rugby which started at 10:30 in the morning. I was told that the pub doesn’t open till 12 but they will record it and replay it for me. Happy with this we went back to the hotel via a Mexican restaurant for dinner. We each had a great burrito and a beer, all very spicy. The hotel pub beckoned us after this and we had several drinks of different sorts to finish the night. When the main pub closed there was a tiny bar open only to guests we wet to and had one more drink before we hit the hay, ending another full day.