Here is the long awaited start to catching up on the blogging. Sorry it has taken so long everyone but we have been flat out. We have also been camping without power or internet so it does make it hard. Anyway here we go

We awoke quite early in Newcastle and walked down to the local supermarket and bought ourselves some breakfast. Today was another big travelling day. The plan was to visit York, then drive to Liverpool. The first leg of the Journey to York was pleasant and uneventful. We arrived around lunchtime and the first thing we did was drive into the city centre and found a car park. We walked past some pretty cool shops including one called Titbits which was a bakery. York is a really great town. They have the old city wall still intact in a lot of places and you can see the effort they put into making the city a good tourist spot. Our first port of call here was the gallery. There was a major exhibition by William Etty, a york artist who was quite controversial in his day for his portrayal of naked women. This was a fantastic show, with work from his entire life in several huge rooms. There were quotes everywhere and newspaper articles about why his work was criticised when it was first exhibited for showing women who were “far too shapely”. I wish we had had more time here because it was a huge exhibition and we could only skim over parts of it. After this we just randomly walked around York to see what it had to offer. We wandered down through a giant arch and down a narrow street of shops and pubs. We weren’t really paying attention which was why when York Minster suddenly loomed up before us we were both a little shocked. I had no idea it was there and it is a huge old cathedral building. We walked into the gardens next to it and just looked around at the magnificent old monuments and gardens. After this we headed back to the car and got on the road to Liverpool. I really liked York, I wish I had chosen to stay there for a night so I could see everything but we are here for a while. It is definitely somewhere I will be going back to. The first part of the drive to Liverpool was fine, we got onto the right road fairly easily with only one doubling back on ourselves. Anita was driving and it was all nice and smooth until we saw the sign saying the road we wanted to go on was closed. There were no detour signs whatsoever so we didn’t have a clue where to go. We pulled over and consulted our map and saw there was another route that went just around Leeds and Manchester. It was all a motorway so we thought that it should be fine. How wrong we were. This was literally the trip from hell, not just the bumper to bumper traffic for several hours but the road signs that sent us one way then told us to go back the way we came. We drove on the ring road around Leeds for what seemed like forever until we finally got on the motorway to Manchester and Liverpool. The traffic did not stop until we were well past Manchester, even then we could only go about 50 miles in the 70 zone. We arrived in Liverpool around 8 o clock, 4 hours later then we should have. This was the first bad experience we have had driving around the roads of England. The route we chose originally we chose because it avoided all major cities and we had been told it was the quickest. If it hadn’t been for damn roadworks the whole ugly affair could have been avoided. We were not in the best mood therefore when we pulled into a maccas to use the wifi to find the hotel. Eventually we parked nearby and carried our gear into the Adelphi hotel. Our first look at the inside of this place evaporated our bad mood, it was HUGE. With chandeliers everywhere, several bars and its own pub. It had a huge sitting room with wifi and lounges everywhere and a great little cocktail bar. The room itself was quite basic but we were paying hardly anything and the other facilities made up for it. It did have a nice hot shower and a comfy bed which was enough for me. We had a quiet pint or two in the sitting room and planned our move for the next day. Being in Liverpool we had to see the Beatles museum and also the Tate. So after a day which had both the beauty of York and the ugliness of the Leeds ring road we finally headed to bed.