So our second day in Edinburgh was just as fantastic as the first. The weather was amazing yet again, sunny and warm. Anita went and did some shopping in the morning for breakfast and after the landlady finally turned up we could be on our way. Today the big adventure was the castle and it definitely lived up to expectations. Walking up from Grassmarket to the castle is fantastic, past so many cool shops, nearly all selling either whisky or cashmere, often both. At the end of the royal mile, on the entrance up to the castle they are building a giant stadium. Huge seating is rising up on either side. Apparently this is for the Edinburgh military tattoo, I hope they take it down afterwards as it really ugly. There was a huge line to buy tickets for the castle and of course this was the first time we didn’t pre book our tickets so we waited quite a while to get in. Anita and I both got an audio guide as well and walked up through the giant inner gates to the castle. Edinburgh Castle really is amazing. They have done really well to turn it into such a good tourist attraction. The audio guides offer plenty of historical info about every section of the castle and there are guides everywhere. There is also yet another whisky shop, surprise, surprise. We spent several hours wandering around and saw everything. The museum for the cavalry, the oldest standing building in britain, St Margaret’s chapel and several other sites. The Scottish Royal jewels and a giant sword which were lost for years and found again were pretty amazing as well. At about a quarter to one we wandered over to one of the big guns in preparation for the one o’clock shot. They started firing the gun at one o’clock to let boats in the harbour know what time it was. We were told they did it at 1 not 12 because it was far cheaper to fire one shot then 12. Thrifty scotsmen. A gentleman in full military gear walked out and very formally raised the gun and at exactly one o’clock fired a shot. Anita and I both have film and photos of this we shall try to upload soon. The castle is a pretty amazing thing to see and well worth the wait to get in. After the castle we decided to try to find a wifi spot. Of course this led us to a pub near our apartment. We had a couple of drinks and did every thing we needed to online and went back home. Anita had bought ingredients for dinner and we bought a lovely french cheese called Romano which was a salty parmesan. Anita made a delicious creamy pasta and we watched some tv shows on the hard drive we had been given as a going away present.


The next day was yet another brilliant day weatherwise. Today we were going to the british museum, so after a little sleep in we wandered down. We walked to the museum through some fantastic little streets and past several nightclubs and pubs until we finally found the museum. Unfortunately today was the day all the public sector workers in the UK were on strike so it was closed. We decided to spend the rest of the day just walking around Edinburgh, do some shopping and see the sights. We did some shopping and then went to yet another pub. Edinburgh is an amazing city and We really love it. In fact we have decided to stay and try to work in Edinburgh. While we at the pub we tried to decide what to do next on our trip. The great thing about not really having a plan is that we can decide on the fly where we like and where we want to go next. There was some brief flirting with the idea of going to France the next day but we eventually chose to continue with our original itinerary and leave the next day for Inverness. The question was just how we were going to get there. After some research we found that the cheapest and easiest way to get around was to hire a car. We found a great company called Sixt who had a little Vauxhall Corsa very cheap. We booked in to hire the car until the 6th of July and paid a little extra for a GPS and went back up to the hotel. We felt a little bit sad to be leaving Edinburgh but because we knew we would be seeing a lot more of this fantastic city we didn’t mind too much. We sat down and watched yet another season of The big bang theory and eventually went to sleep.