Sadly we left Edinburgh today. We are headed North. I honestly can’t wait to go to France but this was more affordable right now. Leaving our cosy 2 bedroom city apartment in Edinburgh was hard. Hard in the mental and physical sense. If anyone has been to Edinburgh and the Grassmarket will understand that the only way out is up a steep flight of stairs or up a steep incline of footpaths. Do this is easy without luggage. Doing this with 20kgs strapped to your back and your arms full of shit makes it very hard. We had to walk to the Edinburgh Rail station to get a bus to the Airport (there are no trains from Edinburgh Airport to the City) and then walk a while to pick up our car from a guy who had so much flaky scalp dandruff he would be hit a Christmas time decorating Malls.

We have hired a car for 6 days which will get us through Scotland. We are still going to the Orkney Islands but looks like just for the day. We are unable to get any accommodation on the islands that is within our meagre budgets.

The countryside throughout Scotland is amazing. Rolling green hills and lots of rocks. The topography is very different to that of the ole’ Central West. The signs are now is Gaelic and English , although it is hard to read the English version and how we think it is pronounced is nothing like the locals pronounce it.