Saturday did not start well. We woke to showers and a strong wind, not the best start to a day of outdoor festivalness. We showered and Wendy invited us into her kitchen again for breakfast. I had the big breakfast which was tasty. The bacon in dent is the best I have ever eaten, from a local butchery it is fantastic. We trudged into town hoping to find an open pub to wifi and have a couple of drinks at. Unfortunately none of them opened till 11 so we wandered around the picturesque village. We had been told that a vampire was buried in the Dent church graveyard, being skeptical we checked it out and it was true. William Hodgkinson had died at age 96 and had been seen wandering around the town for several weeks afterwards. So the good people of dent did what anyone would do. They dug his body up and reburied him with a stake through his heart just outside the church grounds. You can see the hole where the steak was in his stone. Around 11 we wandered back up to the Sun Inn and found a warm seat to catch up on some stuff. Neat did a little blogging and I was taught a game called blob by a coiuple of friendy locals. Blob is a lot like hearts or euchre but easier and more drunken. The rain outside was not really that heavy just really persistant so we stayed inside as long as possible before making our way down to the festival site. The ground was already starting to turn to a heavy sludge so we found a seat and listened to the first couple of bands. We were volunteering in the kitchen at 3 so just before we turned up to meet anyone and learn what the hell we had to do. It was dead simple. Just take the order and the money, relay the order to the kitchen staff and they would give us the finished product. This was a fun three hours work, chatting to the locals and finding out about dent. I recommend volunteering at festivals like this because once people find you are helping out they really become friendly and chatty. At 6 we left the food tent to discover the whole site was a bog heap, there was even a big mud slide people were sliding down the hill. I would have loved to have had a go but we were leaving the next day and we had no washing facilities. We organised the bus to pick us up the next morning and headed for home. We drank a bottle of horrible blackberry wine at the campsite where we could still hear the music before watching fantastic mr fox in bed. The next morning we awoke ealry to a lovely sunny day which is very typical of our trip so far. The day we leave the weather is great. It did however mae it easy to pack up the tent and to get our gear sorted. The festival bus dropped us back at the dent train station and we headed to Carlisle. Dent was a fantastic place and the festival was great. I would love to go again next year but to take some better mud protection. No gumboots made this a hard ask this year.