Bubbles float past my window as I make myself comfortable on a tapestry bound chair. Blues is been played overhead and I look through the open window of our cafe to a cobblestoned courtyard that is lined with french cuisine eateries. The fact that a large castle looms overhead and I hear a faint cry of the bagpipes you would not believe I was in Edinburgh.

Today our adventure begins in Carlisle, the town of no laundry’s. We boarded our train north at 9:30am this morning. We crossed into Scotland shortly after, there was no fanfare there were no signs….we just knew the first stop was Lockerbie which is a 20-30min run inside the Scottish border.

We thought England was green. Scotland is lovely. It reminded me of the green rolling hills near Mollymook as the hills were speckled with black and white cows and the odd brown cow. The were mostly lying down too. Many calves were about too. On the way to Edinburgh we also went past a lot of wind farm mills. Very advanced, Australia get with the times!

The trip from Carlisle to Edinburgh took about 1hour 40mins. A very special trip too, nothing but green hills and blue sky. Arriving in Edinburgh in these weather conditions made it very easy to fall in love with.

We took a cab to the place we had booked. Which is just on the Grassmarket near the Royal Mile and next to the ever so prominent Edinburgh Castle. Our accommodation is in a small 2 bedroom apartment, nice and secure yet best of all it comes with a washing machine! Clean undies all round!


We have booked in for a 2.5hour tour tonight. It starts at 8pm and is based on Ghost, Ghouls and Dungeons. We are quite excited about this.

Earlier we walked the Royal Mile which has such a fun and nice vibe about it. I filmed a busker….he is just an old guy in a kilt yelling abuse and singing the odd song. He also had brown smarty eyes like Doug. (We could be related). We also found small playable bag pipes, which I am tempted to buy.

In this time Clive went to heaven. It is called the Scotch Whisky Experience. Apparently we are going to do the tour tomorrow after the Edinburgh Castle and the National Gallery. In the “shop” part of it there are 48 different sections of whisky. If you were in to whisky you would be in heaven.


After I dragged Clive out of this we wandered some more and found where we are to meet tonight which is near the St Giles Cathedral/Church and near a statue that is topped with a unicorn. See they do exist! There are many tourist stores but also a lot of trendy fashion stores which I have to control myself at. I have a Mantra to help me with this, “Think of the weight, Think of France” This makes me realise I have to carry what I buy and its less time in France.


We are back to the beginning of my story now. I just had a Czech Ale and Clive is having a tasty Belhaven Best. I am in love with this cafe’ called the Fiddlers Arm which is opposite a French Crepes van that comes complete with a French woman.


The Fiddlers Arms also serves Haggis which I will be trying tomorrow. I don’t like heights but I think I will eat almost anything once.


If it comes down to first impressions then Edinburgh had me at “Ehch ya wee lass”.


Love Neat xx