So this will be a big entry because I haven’t had internet access for a while. We left Birmingham by bus to Leeds and then got straight on the train to Dent. This was a bit annoying as we didnt get to see any of Leeds but it was by far the cheapest way to get there so we sucked it up. The train from Leeds to Dent was amazing, as Anita has already said it is a historic line running through some beautiful countryside. We arrived at the station which has a big sign, The highest mainline station in the UK. Getting of the train we were told that we only had to walk down this incredibly steep hill then about 4 miles to Dent. Not good news, we probably should have checked but the Dent station is not actually anywhere near Dent. We set off down the giant hill carrying our packs and along the road. Normally this would have been a fantastic walk along these tiny little winding country roads. Lots of little streams and dry stone walls. Luckily about halfway there a lady took pity on us and stopped and picked us up. She dropped us In Dent itself and we made the short walk to our campsite. This is where we met Mick and Wendy the owners.

Mick and Wendy were true countyr characters, Farmers who rented out a field to campers during the festival. They also put on big breakfasts to anyone who wants for an incredibly cheap price and you eat it round a tiny table in their living room. They were really lovely people and were both involved in the Beer and music festival we were there for. We took the rest of the day fairly easy and had a few in the local pub before calling it a day.

Friday was a beautiful morning, lovely sun and a great opportunity to look around Dent. This is a typical small country town, cobble streets and tiny winding streets. Exactly the type of town you see on English TV. We set up shop in the other small pub in town to charge our electronics. After a quick nap we headed down to the festival site. Two small stages and a huge wall of craft beer from all the local breweries. Also a fantastic food tent with awesome food cooked by a Kate from Wagga. Small world. We listened to the first band and as soon as they finished rushed down to the front to get the best seats for the reason we were there.


A hero of mine growing up and one of my favourite musicians of all time. Sitting next to us was Vinnie. He was a morris dancer who had tripped and hurt himself quite badly at an ALDI store. The staff were so horrible and rude to him that he decided to sue. He won then becasue he didnt feel the money was deserved he used it to pay for Dick to come to the Dent festival. What a character, we also found out that he was a North West Morris Dancer. He loudly scoffed when I told him my family were cotswald morris and was quite dispariging of the inferior style of Morris. It seems I can travel across the globe and still be stuck with bloody morris dancers.

Dick Gaughan was amazing, One of the highlites so far without a doubt. It was such a small intimate setting and the rain started just when he did so everyone was crammed in the tent listening to his amazing voice and stories. He got a huge cheer when he started abusing the ‘New Labour’ in england which he said are neither new or labour and judging by the crowd everyone agreed with him. We listened to his whole set spellbound, Anita took a small video we will try to upload soon.

After Dick we wandered over and heard Hyperpotamus, a man who just looped his own voice over and over to create some really cool tunes, well worth a look up everyone. By the end I had tried as many pints as I could so it was time to head to bed.

The rest of the festival and the trip to Carlisle next time.