Today was the first day of our real travelling. We are leaving London for Birmingham today so it was a bittersweet morning. We packed in as much as we could in London but there is still so much to see and do, the British Museum alone could take a week to see everything in there. We got our first Overland train to Victoria Station and walked the short distance to the coach station. As we approached we noticed hundreds of people with backpacks and tents just like us. Not everyone could be backpacking and travelling and just happen to converge on Victoria Coach station all at once could they? No they couldn’t. All our fellow backpack slingers were queuing up for the bus to the Glastonbury music festival. I watched enviously as they carried there cartons of beer and gumboots onto the bus all full of song and laughter. Next year perhaps but for now we have too much to see and do. We caught our cheap megabus and both slept nearly the whole way to Birmingham. Upon arrival we walked around the huge Bullring shopping centre which is a truly amazing building, weird but amazing. Our hotel was smack bang in the middle of China town and very close to everything. We checked in then went on a hike to find a cord to connect the digital camera to the computer to get our photos from London. Several hours later we were told that we would have to ring Olympus and have it posted so we bought a 10 pound card reader and solved the problem. We went back to the hotel for some much needed rest before dinner. We thought that china town must have good asian food and we wouldn’t let our past horrid experience tarnish our meal so we set off to find a good asian meal. We did. The Big Wok was fantastic, 10 pounds each but a huge selection of chinese, sushi and tepanyaki which they cooked for you was great. Plus there was a massive desert selection. After one plate of starters, one tepenyaki plate, one huge plate of main courses and two desert plates I was sufficiently full.

Anita ate significantly less.

After dinner it was time to see the reason we were in Birmingham, Dylan Moran, the magnificently drunk irishman of Black Books fame. We walked the short distance to the New Alexandria Theatre and saw one of the best shows I have ever seen. Very funny, witty and scything political and social commentary as well as just plain silly dribble. He is as funny, if not funnier live then in any tv show or movie I have seen him in. Definitely worth the trip to the midlands. The show finished around 10 o’clock and it was still bright sunlight outside which is a shock. We went back to the hotel and thus ended another fantastic day. Tomorrow is the trip to dent and the beer and music festival.