Monday started yet again with a huge breakfast at hendon hall. As we had to check out today we made sure to enjoy our last complimentary breakfast for a while. Another huge english breakfast and several pastries later we gathered our belongings together and left the Hall for the final time. We looked at the map and the closest tube station appeared to be vauxhall. In fact the tube station was on Wandsworth road, the same road our hotel for the next two nights is on. We arrived at the station and started walking up towards the Chelsea Guest House. We walked, and walked and walked. All carrying our backpacks. It is fair to say we seriously underestimated how far the hotel was from Vauxhall tube station. After a long walk and some weary backs, shoulders and feet we arrived. The hotel is the cheapest I could find in the city. It is small but clean. After checking in we asked the best way to get into the city. We were told a bus runs all the way up Wandsworth Rd and we could have caught it instead of walking. Live and learn says I. We got the 87 bus into Trafalgar Sq which is a truly amazing sight. We didn’t tarry long as we wanted to go to the British Museum for as long as possible. We were meeting my cousin Jane and Anita’s cousin Mic and his partner Fran at the Whitechapel gallery at 5. After which was the JACK THE RIPPER walking tour. This meant we only had about an hour and a half to see as much of the museum as possible. an hour and a half was enough time to gently dip one tiny toe into the vast, vast space that is this amazing museum. We saw the Egyptian section briefly, walked backwards through european history and ended up in their star attraction at the moment. The Australian exhibition of drawings and aboriginal basket weavings. Why we travelled across the world to lok at Australian art I dont know but look we did. IT took Anita about 3 seconds to spot the brett whitely sketch on the wall in what was a great exhibition. Arthur Boyd, Whitely, Sidney Nolan and many other great Aussie artists were there and the indigenous baskets were awesome too. After this we got the tube to Aldgate and went to the Gallery to meet everybody. Sadly the Whitechapel gallery was closed on Mondays, happily there was a great pub next door. The next two hours were spent happily drinking and chatting with Jane, Mic and Fran. At about 7 we had to go to the jack the ripper tour so we entered the subway, wandered along several corridors until we found the right exit where the tour was meeting. We emerged to meet the group directly opposite the pub we had just been drinking in. The tour itself was fantastic, the guide was enthusiastic and a great story teller. She had several photos of Whitechapel at the time and of the victims, some of which were quite graphic. This tour not only taught me lots about the ripper but also about London itself at the time. If anyone gets a chance to do such a tour I highly recommend it. After the tour we went back to the pub for a farewell pint and we caught the bus home. The hotel we are staying at is next door to Mcdonalds and we couldn’t resist. I wish I had it was the worst Maccas I have ever eaten, burnt, flavourless and truly sickening. I didn’t even finish mine, quite strange for me. With that sour note to end a great day we went to bed.