So as you may have read in Clive’s post we went to Madame Tussauds in the morning. We got the tube to Baker Street which is an old station and has a lot to do with Sherlock Holmes…there is a great big statue out the front. The architecture is amazing in the area too. I loved it!

Madame Tussands – yes I got a photo which many celebrities…including Andy Warhol, Oscar Wilde, Princess Diana, Gandi and Shane Warne. I was most offended when the wax doll of Justin Bieber was between the Beatles and Michael Jackson. I missed out getting a photo with Jack Sparrow as there was a large queue and with Michael Jackson. I got a quick picture with Mum too….John Wayne. It was great and then there is a “Scream” factor about serial killers. They have actors jump out at you….I screamed and clawed Clive. They had Christie there who was a serial killer and Brett Whitely did a controversial series on him. They also had the guillotine that was originally used to chop off Marie Antoinette’s head.

Madame Tussand was a lady who had to create death masks and actually had to search through mounds of headless people for Marie Antoinette’s head. Beheading with the guillotine came about in the French Revolution. Up to 40 000 people had their heads lopped off between 1793-4 in France, it was called the reign of terror.

I really enjoyed Madame Tussands I just wished it also had some more advanced information. Next we roamed to Hyde Park which we discovered “Speakers Corner”. People grab a stool and voice their opinions whilst the general public gather and argue/debate/talk. Many were based on religion. One guy was based on world politics who was well educated and discussed everyones views. He had a large crowd.

We hired deck chairs and had lunch in the park. Lunch is consisting of stolen goods. At breakfast we are given tiny little jars of jam…we don’t use all the jam and know they will be thrown out so we keep them and buy rolls at the bakery for lunch and snack that way.

We then decided to hire bikes. There are bike stations all over the city and you hire them for 1 pound for 24 hrs if you “dock” them within 30mins then there is no extra charge. We rode around Hyde Park. We are hoping to have another ride today in the par on the way to the British Museum.

After the park we went to Portobello Markets which I loved. Clive used the most filthiest toilet ever….I found it very funny as he felt violated after using it.

Then we made our way home with pizza and wine.

The time slips away as the sun is always up. Today we are checking out of Hendon Hall and heading to Chelsea Guest House.

Also it cost me 28pounds to call mum to check on Dad. Note: to mum and dad…please acknowledge my emails and messages.

After the British Museum we are ducking to the Cartoon Museum and then meeting Michael Hanlon and Jane Sisley at the Whitechapel Art Gallery then a pub lunch followed by a walking tour based on Jack the Ripper.

Love to all,

Neat xx