We woke up again to a beautiful sunny day and after another huge breakfast we set off into the city once again. This time we caught the tube to Baker St station and disembarked into a world of wonder. Immediately outside the station was a giant statue of Sherlock Holmes which is the best statue I have seen yet. Next door to the station was a souvenir shop selling all sorts of london crap and also some cool sunglasses and heap of sherlock holmes stuff. I bought a pair of party glasses and an umbrella because you never know when its going to rain in this crazy mixed up city. We set off towards madame Tussauds, only to notice a huge queue. We nearly decided to go and come back later until I noticed the much, much shorter pre purchased ticket line. We have found that pre purchasing tickets is a fantastic way to save a hell of a lot of time. I wasn’t expecting much of the famed wax museum and at first this held true. A whole lot of tweens crowding around Robert Pattinson and the Daniel Radcliffe. But as we moved past Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis it got better. The crowds didn’t thin out but I was genuinely surprised by how cool it was. The sport section was fantastic as I got a photo of myself punching Johnny Wilkinson in the jaw, made me very happy. Anita had photos with nearly every person she could, We will upload as many as we can as soon as we buy a cable for the camera. Moving through the museum we came to the scary bit. This was actually fantastic, we walked through a dark room filled with replicas of murderers and corpses while people jumped out at us every so often from behind corners and loud bangs filled our ears. Anita was genuinely terrified and even screamed a couple of times. After the scary bit was an actual ride. We sat in a london taxi as it took us like a roller coaster through the history of London. This was good but lacked much actual historical information. The most important part of any good tour was the final destination, the gift shop. We bought a badge each and set off into the city once more. I actually liked Madam Tussauds and recommend it to anyone, the history and the information about each figure was fantastic. We decided to walk down to Hyde park for lunch. The walk through the city was fantastic, so many incredible buildings and great sights. We stopped at a bakery and bought rolls and we ate the jam and butter we rescued from our hotel. We paid 1 pound 50 each to sit on deck chairs and we listened to the impassioned orators at speakers corner. This was pretty cool, the way they spoke and laughed and got the crowd was great. After lunch we paid a pound each and hired a bike from the barclays dock. We rode them through the park and docked them at the other side and walked the rest of the way to the Portobello markets. This was another great experience. A live band and some great shops along the way to the market and at the market itself. Anita bought a feather hat and I bought the best gelato I have ever eaten. We caught a tube and a bus back to hendon and bought pizza for dinner. I bought a giant 15 inch pizza while Anita bought a smaller 9 inch one. We ate them in the garden out the back of Hendon Hall and drank a bottle of Kiwi white wine. All in all another fantastic day . Oh and it only rained briefly for about an hour around lunch.