Abu Dhabi Airport 17th June 12:20am

feeling the need to write.
I am currently sitting at Abu Dhabi airport. We have just flown the largest part of our flight…14 hours. The ole’ sciatic nerve was playing up which drove me and clive a little crazy. They also just feed you a LOT on flights. We has 2 dinners a roast beef roll, 2 wines, soft drink and some chips. I also consumed 5 bottles of water. Tasty tasty.
I managed to nearly watch 3 movies, we packed so much shit we didn’t need such as multi magazines , nintendo ds and books. The V-Australia entertainment thing is just endless. My only problem is that my tail bone is so bloody are I feel as if I have been kicked. Also clive got panicky at the gate when we got off and nearly broke my toe on my right foot, but thats ok mum ran over the toes on my left foot at Sydney airport.
I am a little taken back here too. The staff seem very friendly but I am shocked seeing all the Burqas (not the head scarves, the full body ones with only eye holes) and prayer rooms. Here is am slobbing along with a singlet on. Lucky I packed my pashmina so I can cover up a little.
The humidity was a slap in the face too. Its is 31 degrees and I swear it is 80% humidity. Anyway I better go and find my gate for my flight to HEathrow! We must try and sleep on this plane as we land at 7:20am.
Oh an here is a big secret…I think I like flying…
Neat xx