Day 2 started at 5 am when we both woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. I read the book I bought for the flight and didn’t read once until Anita turned on the television and I saw the Qld Reds were playing the Waikato Chiefs.  Outside was the first sunshine I had seen. What a perfect start to the morning. Unfortunately I couldn’t watch all three matches as there is far to much to do and see. We went down for a massive breakfast. I had a full english breakfast, plus several croissants and assorted pastries plus some fruit salad and yoghurt. We took some jam and some butter with us for lunch and set off into town. We got off the tube at embankment and went straight into the lovely park next door. We wandered through the park, then back along the thames to parliament house and big ben. After holding up traffic while we took photos we crossed the Thames and strolled along to the Aquarium. I didn’t know what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised as it was fantastic. several themed rooms along the lines of coral, rainforest and the shark walk. We have several hours of video of sharks, turtles and rays and some beautiful shots of jelly fish lit up in various neon colours. After the aquarium we noticed the festival of Britain was on and there were various street performers and a large tent set up in the shape of an upside down cow. From a distance the head of the cow looked like a penis. I was very amused. We found a beer garden and I had a cider while anita sketched and we bought 2 bread rolls and used our commandeered breakfast material to make a great lunch. Just as we finished the rain started, heavy, drenching rain that made me wish I had a gore-tex jacket like Anita. We ran through the rain and just as we reached the Tate Modern it stopped as you would expect. I wish we had put aside the whole day for the Tate because it was amazing. We got the audio tour and wandered around through the permanent exhibitions for hours. We got about halfway through when we realised how late it was. I still wanted to buy Jeans so we made a pact to come back another day and left. We rode the tube to Knightsbridge and went to Harrods. After a long and painful process of pressing our way through the hordes of people we found the Jeans, luckily there was a huge sale on which explained the heaving masses. I picked up a pair of jeans and a lovely purple shirt at a bargain. Anita needed to use the loo so we wound our way through and found one only to discover that the queue was enormous. Again luckily for me only for the ladies the mens was great. I was given a fresh towel and put on some cologne and went back out into the throng. We fought our way tooth and nail back onto the street and back to the station. We got back to the hotel and showered and got changed and went back to Golders Green for dinner. We found a cheap all you can eat buffet restaurant which looked nice. It wasn’t. Foul gloop that looked right but tasted so so wrong. The only nice part was leaving. After a stroll down the street looking at bookshops and eating ice creams we made our way back to the hotel.  We got back at around 9:30 pm and it was still bright daylight, something that takes a bit of getting used to. Thus ended another day In London.