Today Cliveos and I went back into the city from our lovely abode in Hendon. Did I mention Hendon is a Jewish area. More then Eastern Sydney. Clive and I stand out not being Jewish. I get a kick out of their big hats and silly sideburns. Anyway…

Today we trekked in on the Tube and went to the London Aquarium. This is right next to the London Eye and Westminster.

Firstly we got off at Embarkment and wandered through a gorgeous park. Wandering past at least 20 plaques…Doug you’d love it.

It was such a gorgeous park then we came across this massive Obelisk. Seriously I have never heard of it but it just appeared on the edge of the River Thames. I filmed this and Clive too many photos. On one of the big Sphinx cats that are on either side there is some damage. This was from the Germans in the war. It was one of the first bombs to land in London. Further down along the River (which is very dirty and brown) there is a war memorial. This is for WW1 &2. It is a bronze casting which has so much detail and the composition of it flows so well it is amazing. Loved it.

So we wandered a little more, grabbed and ice cream (as you do) and watched as Westminster and Big Ben came out from behind the trees and displayed it glory to us. The workmanship on it is incredible. Seriously you see elaborate buildings always being mended. This baby is HUGE , elaborate, detailed dripping in gold (or just gold paint) and it looks perfect as if it has just been built. Maybe we just make too much shit these days, bring back the masonries from the days gone!

Ok so we didn’t explore here too much as we are planning that later.

We skipped over the bridge to the Aquarium. It was fun and I filmed a lot of it. Clive had a great time too. We listened to the talks and was mesmerised but the sharks and turtles. Clive was in heaven. We also picked up a Good Fish Guide so we know what fish we should and shouldn’t eat. (Sisleys would be proud of us).

Oh and a ray shark jumped up and at a women near the pond, I am pretty sure she wet her pants a little.

We have started a thing where we are buying badges as our souvenirs… then we went and bought a daggy badge. Did you know turtles get and spread salmonella..?

But I have to tell you about the penguins. I was very excited to see them…But when I saw them they are in a room….with a gyprock ceiling, artificial lighting and plastic icebergs. I felt really upset. Clive didn’t, he’s a heartless bastard.

After this we headed to the Tate Modern, it was sunny on the way then rain from no where…drenched we enter HEAVEN!

We spent 3.5 hours then and didn’t see everything we have to and will go back. I saw some Giaometti Warhol, Pollock, Liechtenstein, Krasner, Boccoini and Bacon. I loved it. We had the audio tour things happening. There was a Miro exhibition on but we diodn’t see that, we had to pay and we are tight. The then bought badges, I got one saying “Future artist” and Clive got one saying “Exhibitionist”.

OK after the Tate we were so worn out but we went to Harrods. Harrods is being renovated, Harrods had a sale. Harrods was hell. Clive enjoyed the toilets, it was his high light. We are members of its card thing…like a Myer One card.

I am off for a shower and then dinner. 7:22pm and still sunny. NB: Swiss Army knife, BEST travel item ever!

Neat xx