Once Clive and I landed in England at Heathrow airport we were feeling every excited and elated that we could get off the damn plane.
This was soon taken away from us. We had to line up in a queue that was seriously 1km long. It went all the way through the airport! This started to take away our kiwi spirit. We waited 1.5 hours.
I was also the first one to be let into the UK. I win!
After this we walked out to a sea of people looking for loved ones and holding signs. We should of agreed to be Garry and Julia Webb, we would of got a fancy ride. Instead we wandered to find our bags. We found a land of bags….(Caro – lucky you tied a hot pink ribbon on Clive’s bag, made it SO easy to find). All the bags in the land of bags were falling off the carousal. As did ours, they were lying out in the shadows like forgotten soldiers with only their colourful ribbons making them identifiable.
Once we grabbed these soldiers we re-packed and got changed as Clive smelt worse then a left over curry.
So our kiwi spirit had revived a little and we set off on our adventure…to get out of another dam airport.
We bought our Oyster Cards, which are so great you can use them for all trains and buses, and we found the Piccadilly line to Leister Square then crossed to the Northern Line to Hendon Central. We got to Hendon Central and got stuck inside the station.
The reason we got stuck…we didn’t swipe the card properly and then we didn’t but didn’t push through the gate hard enough.
We then hiked up a hill around a bend to Hendon Hall, our home for the next 3 nights.
Hendon Hall is a lovely old homestead that was once the home of a writer in the early 1900’s.
So the weather for the day was 14 degrees and raining. Some summer!
We dumped our oversized bags (I really need to downsize or I will build some tough muscles). Then we headed to the city.
I can see how Sydney and London are related. Sydney is the younger and more petit cousin.
Clive and I had booked tickets to the London Eye. As soon as I saw the bloody great big thing, my face lost its colour and I felt light headed and started to sweat. Here I was thinking I was so brave on the planes and excited it didn’t crash and no sharks ate me.
I instantly chickened out on doing the giant ferris wheel.
Clive still did it. He said it was absolutely amazing. He took up the video camera and I am yet to see the footage.
I watched him go around whilst enjoying the scenery of Westminster and Big Ben. I enjoyed a Cappuccino and a Byron Bay Cookie. (Doug the 2 coffees I have had since being here are too hot and burnt my lips off, you would love it here).
After the London Eye we opted to head home to Hendon Hall. We were worried about the Jet lag catching up.
We got our trains to Golders Green (oh there is a place called Cockfosters and each time it was announced on the train Clive and I couldn’t help bit giggle a little) then at Golders Green we jumped on a double decker bus and watch the show. (After we bought some wine, mostly Australian Wines here and 2 cans of cider which is 70p for 500ml at the corner stores)
The traffic rules don’t seem to exist they cut each other off, drive on foot paths and do u-turns in heavy traffic all whilst sucking on a fag in their BMW. We filmed it so I will try and post it up here soon.

Once we got back to the Hall we bathed and had dinner.
This is where my jet lag kicked in. The bus trip was so long I started to shut down. The hot bath didn’t help either.
Throughout dinner I went from being silly to being in uncomfortable pain.
My legs swelled and ached, my “kankles” I got on the plane pushed my pain threshold and I wanted to fall over from tiredness. It was about 8:30 – 9pm at this time…sun was still up. I had that sleep that as soon as your head hits the pillow your out like a light.
Waking at 5am and the sun is already up is fun…sort of. But at least I have had time to write some blog stuff and quickly call my mum. Two thumbs up for Doug and the successful hip operation. We wish you a speedy recovery.
Today I think we will eat our FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST (I will be trying Black Pudding) and then we will head to London to do some walks and activities. Also a UK SIM so you can call us. Otherwise google Hendon Hall – Handpicked Hotels if you need us.

Love to you all,

Neat xx