Clive and I are currently on the final countdown.

10 days to go. To be honest I am just worn out, tired and stressed. I don’t feel that excited as we have a massive week of workahead of us and I still have 1000 things left to do.

I spoke with my brother and he said we all have the same amount of time we just need to prioritise them. Ok that all fine and nice to say but I actually don’t have enough time to get everything done that I would like to. It is seriously freaking me out a bit.

We have built a bit more of an itinerary and I just feel flat about it. I am still worried about the flight that the plane will crash and a shark will eat me. It is awful!

I haven’t even listed what I need to pack and I just keep spending more and more money.  Art side of things…sweet bitter f@$k all there! I haven’t even looked at a brush let alone sniffed some gum turps.

We have our farewell lunch at work tomorrrow…pizza. I don’t know why I organised this…I don’t like pizza I only eat it to be polite. The only type of pizza I emjoy is the ones Clive and I make oursleves. YUMMO!


Anyway this whinging, over tired, fragile freak show is off to bed.


Neat xx