Doing a bit of research here on backpacks. Clive has already bought his at a Kathmandu store. It looks great and comes with lots of compartments. It also has a day backpack on it too which I think is GREAT!

You would think I would of had mine months ago since I am the organiser. But noooo…. so I have been looking in stores but have started looking online for a better deal. I have found a Caribee one that is red. i think I just like the colour. It also has the day pack on it too.

This is the one I like…it is also only $150 or I can get it in the 50L for $140. All through Luggage Professionals

Red 80L Caribee BackPack

Red 80L Caribee BackPack

I have looked at the Kathmandu website and Travel and Luggage Direct too…oh and obviously Ebay. But I can’t seem to get my mind of the RED BAG! Any advice for an inexperienced backpack shopping here?



UPDATE:   How small and cool is this picture below….Its a full sized sleeping bag!

Plasma Hyper Lite Sleeping Bag

Do you think it actually fits back in there after use?