Clive and I love going to Folk Festivals. Each year we go to the Australian National Folkie in Canberra, ACT.

Clive’s family actually got me into this. It was a time when we would spend the Easter Long Weekend together enjoying the music, atmosphere and cider. However this year we won’t be going as we are T minus 3 months until departure date. Clive’s family are Morris Dancers his brother, Henry, is an avid and participating Morris jockey however Clive is a watcher. For something that looks so ridiculous and annoying it is quite enjoyable and infectious to be around. After a week of hanging out with nothing but Morris Dancers you do feel the need to club them with bats. Maybe they should do this as a sport or hunting techniques instead of baby seals?

Folk Festivals for me are so enjoyable as you tend to meet much more interesting characters then at a main stream music festival and most of them are not on drugs talking a million miles per minute. Another bonus of Folk Festivals is that you can wear your worst clothes EVER and look like a trend setter, oh and also the food…so much food! Another unique experience of Folk Fests are the Session Bars. In you pop and there is a cluster of an eclectic souls each with an instrument of an object of noise making capabilities belting away to deliver an amazing sound. (Bag pipers do tend to drown out the rest.)

I have the best memory from the Australian National Folk Festival in 2009. Clive and I were actually homeless at the time and we had our car overload with our precious few items and a tent. After a long night on the Rantan I was woken just on first light by a distant haunting noise. As I stuck my head out of our tent I noticed the fog way so thick you could cut it with a butter knife. The morning sun was being captured in the haze and you could barely see the dark patch in the middle of the musician. I could hear a mournful yet seductive tune carrying over to my ears from someone on a bag pipe. As cliche’d as it may seem it was like a scene from Braveheart.

Anyway my rant about Folk Festivals as I have started looking up Folkie throughout UK, Ireland, Scotland and Europe. I am seeing how many we could volunteer at and this way we can enjoy the Festivals …..I will be building a list!


Twas a great time....