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We have set up this blog to help document our travels that we are embarking on in June 2011. We are first time travellers and are aiming to visit the UK and Europe.

So far we are still in the process of getting our visa and passports. Why start a blog when we haven’t even left yet of got our tickets? Because we have been doing a lot of research on the ole’ internets and find it hard to get started.
Let me get you all acquainted with who the lazy travellers are….
I am Anita, but people call me Neat. Clive is my partner of 3.5 years and people call him Clive. Clive is 25 and I am 30. We both live in Central West New South Wales…that’s in Australia…..3.5 hours from Sydney.
We have recently moved back to our parentals to help save for this trip, yes I am 30 living with my parents…shut up!
Clive is an inspiring writer, forever uni student and an appalling tin whistle musician. I am perfect. Kidding, I am an inspiring artist and now travel blog writer. I have spent the past 10 years getting 2 degrees, one in Multimedia and the other in Fine Arts. I have worked as a video editor, motion graphics artist, digital content producer, bar wench, vineyard worker, cherry sorter, communication manager and I once had a small role in a play at school. (I played a Russian women standing around a pretend fire drinking pretend vodka).
And there you have it. This is the start of our blog and I hope to constantly expand and grow it with all the plans and steps that we are taking to get overseas. I really hope to capture what it is like and cultural shocks we will be having as first time travellers..oh and also I will be filming it and editing it on the fly for some fun updates too.