#120 – Liverpool Booofeh?

We ventured further south as we were making our way back to London.

Last time Clive and I visited Liverpool we enjoyed it. It was surprisingly nice, however this time we went there we were disappointed. The city is like an ongoing work in progress, it has potential but it just keeps falling short.

We stayed at the same place as before as it was a decent place and a good price. We decided to have dinner there as we got in so late. We could see what we were getting into but it was a bit too late and we were tired to do anything else. It was a Buffet, pronounced Booofeh in Liverpool speak.

Clive ate nearly the whole booofeh, I think he thought it was a competition with the rest of the pensioners or the 30 yr olds who were happy acting 75. The desserts all tasted the same as they were all gelatin and mousse based. I toke 2 to test the theory and to annoy the vultures, the deliberately ate no more than a spoonful of each to upset them. As soon as a new tray of desserts came out they would run over at act like seagulls at Darling Harbour.

Mum and Dad went to the Beatles Museum, which is a highlight of Liverpool and I went to the Tate with the Sisleys and saw the Twombley, Turner and Monet exhibition.

After this we got the hell out of Liverpool and headed towards the Stonehenge!